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by Allison FosterJanuary 3, 2013

 Does Commercializing Yoga Take Something from the Meaning?

As a practice that has been used for thousands of years, has commercializing Yoga removed some of the spiritual aspects of this exercise? In every culture and community there are always those who do something because it looks “cool”. We see it all the time in Hollywood and in more populated areas. To some, practicing Yoga is nothing more than bragging rights to their friends and family. Like ripples in a pond, everyone follows suit with a new trend that they think is going to solve everything. Unfortunately, the capitalists in this world take it a step further by realizing there is money to be made in to providing additional comfort while practicing Yoga.

1. Yoga Mats  
Sporting goods and health-related stores usually have a variety of mats available 
for Yoga. Although these mats are comfortable and provide support, they’re not needed in order to perform this popular exercise. If you are practicing various forms of Yoga, your body shouldn’t even be aware of the mat. What does your favorite football team have to do with Yoga?

2. Yoga Clothes
Like every popular activity, clothing designers are hard at work to make sure you look good. In actuality, clothing really doesn’t make that much of an impact if you’re in your own home and able to relax wearing anything you wish. Essentially, the same clothes you go to the gym in are the same ones you can use for Yoga. There doesn’t need to be a separation, unless you are advertising for a particular group of people. 

3. Anything Featuring “Kit”
Assemble a variety of items that can be used in conjunction, slap 
the word “Kit” at the end of it, and people will by it in droves. Social acceptance and marketing tactics make you think that having the “Kit” will give you everything you need to practice any task you wish. In the case of Yoga, it doesn’t provide you the will and desire to reach a higher form of cognitive thought.

Yoga is meant to be a spiritual reflection of your inner and outer self. It’s not merely a stretching exercise to help limber up your muscles. From being a contortionist to meditating in the lotus-style position on a rock, a form Yoga has been adapted to fit nearly every belief structure. It can be used to promote a healthier life and a more focused frame of mind, or it can be used to sell Yoga mats and other merchandise that one doesn’t need in order to reach inner peace.

Allison Foster
Allison Foster
Graduating from college allowed Allison to combine her two passions: writing and children. She has enjoyed furthering her writing career with www.nannyclassifieds.com . She can be in touch through e-mail allison.nannyclassifieds@gmail.com
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