Rooftop Yoga...In A Thong.

Rooftop Yoga…In A Thong.

Have you ever wanted to go on a roof in NYC and practice yoga in a thong? What’s that? You have? Well then. Prepare to be envious. Because this man did just that. Thanks for being ... Continue Reading →
What To Do About "Yoga Butt" AKA Hamstring Tendon Tears

What To Do About “Yoga Butt” AKA Hamstring Tendon Tears

Yoga butt, aka proximal hamstring attachment tears, are one of the most common “in practice” injuries I hear about as a yoga teacher. They also tend to linger for a really long ... Continue Reading →
Strengthen Your Yoga Experience

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Yoga Experience

  Yoga is a union of the mind, body, spirit and breath. Lovers of this widely popular practice know that the goal is not necessarily about its physical benefits; it’s about ... Continue Reading →
veterans yoga

Examining The Effects Of Yoga On Veterans

  Properly and compassionately caring for our country’s military veterans is a puzzle with continuously shifting pieces. Men and women with post traumatic stress disorder ... Continue Reading →
Death By Cuteness: Pets Interrupting Yoga

Death By Cuteness: Pets Interrupting Yoga

You may not have thought of your pet as the culprit to ruining your yoga practice, but it seems they can’t resist.  They think it’s play time. You think it’s ... Continue Reading →
Unconventional Places to Do Yoga

6 Unconventional Places To Do Yoga

  Every advanced yogi knows that yoga is one of the most flexible and versatile sports to practice; it can be done almost anywhere in even the craziest settings. Despite this ... Continue Reading →
Controversial "Yoga Tax" Approved In D.C.

Controversial “Yoga Tax” Approved In D.C.

Looks like yogis in Washington are soon to feel the wrath of the tax man. A new proposal to introduce taxes to the fitness industry is picking up steam and pretty much seems inevitable ... Continue Reading →
Wine And Yoga: A Marriage Made In Heaven (Video)

Wine And Yoga: A Marriage Made In Heaven (Video)

I think I’ve had these kinds of students before… Hell, I might have even been one myself Continue Reading →
Changing Street Violence With Yoga

Changing Street Violence With Yoga

Engelwood has long been a topic in urban culture- from rap, to movies, to everything in between, the town is widely known as one of the most violent places in America.  The sound ... Continue Reading →
Should Schools Require Yoga?

Should Schools Require Yoga?

  Kids and Yoga A new trend is arising in physical education coursework. Schools across the United States are beginning to adopt yoga as a fitness and wellness activity for their ... Continue Reading →