What Does Your Favorite Quote Have To Do With Your Practice?

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7 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Vinyasa

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What’s It Like For Guys New To Yoga? Like This…(Video)

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Lose Your Love Handles With This Yoga Sequence!

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3 Yoga Poses To Deal With Back Pain Naturally

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Sometimes Yoga Isn’t Enough; That’s When You Smoke Pot

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The Roller Coaster Journey Of Yoga

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Where Do You Practice Yoga?

  The Setting Matters One of the many meanings of Yoga is union, and while the project of uniting your spirit and your body is a personal and inner project, the setting can help ... Continue Reading →

Unwind Your Mind With This Yoga Sequence

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Yoga For Back Pain (Infographic)

As a yoga teacher, I see students all the time with chronic issues of lower back pain. No one wants to keep using pills for pain relief, and most people are willing to do nearly anything ... Continue Reading →