Attention Hippies! You Can Juice A Pumpkin

  Pumpkins do so much more than decorate our mantels, provide a fun family fall activity, or spookify our front stoops; they’re one of the most fascinating, nutritious and ... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Should Do A Yoga Retreat

  Yoga Retreats Rock Many of us practice yoga because it is known to have a lot of different benefits, not just for physical health but also spiritual and emotional health. Yoga ... Continue Reading →

The 5 Most Important Yoga Postures For Runners

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Will You Be Doing Yoga 30 Years From Now? (How To Tell)

Burnt Out Doing Yoga? In a recently published article, an author wrote that yoga burnout is predictable and practically guaranteed. His dour predictions made me ask, who will be practicing ... Continue Reading →

How Prenatal Yoga Gave Me Peace

Prenatal Yoga: A Savior I was incredibly scared, going into my second birth. My first daughter had been born by a C-section, and although I was told by my OB that I was an ideal candidate ... Continue Reading →

Carnival Yoga: Ridiculous, Or Brilliant?

…or maybe ridiculously brilliant? This, says Lori Lowell, is the new yoga: Two DJs on stage, a rapper, perhaps a human beat boxer, and somewhere in the mix, an instructor leading ... Continue Reading →

Dan Harris On His Panic Attack On Live TV And Meditation (Video)

Dan Harris is an ABC correspondent, author, and recently converted meditator. Here he shares how meditation changed his life and helped him recover after having a panic attack on live ... Continue Reading →
Sequencing By Anatomy & The Hips

Anatomy & The Hips In Revolved Half Moon

Balancing the pelvis is a key factor in normal gait as well as yoga poses. Conversely, persons with weakness in the hip abductors develop what is known as a “Trendelenberg” gait, ... Continue Reading →

Why Skeptics Should Meditate (Infographic)

 Growing up, I was very skeptical of the idea of meditation; I used to think it was bunk. But now, having practiced yoga for so many years, I find that I could not survive without ... Continue Reading →
Bill Nye Explains GMO's And Why They Can Hurt Us

Bill Nye Explains GMO’s And Why They May Hurt Us

  Love this video! The way Bill Nye succinctly explains an issue and gives you a simple yet great understanding; always did impress me. GMO’s have been around for quite ... Continue Reading →