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So You have Decided to Contribute to The Yoga Blog?

Awesome! The Yoga Blog is a platform to share your knowledge with like-minded Yogis/Yoginis and talk about the subjects that deeply interest you. Our community is full of yoga instructors, experts, bloggers, and insightful minds who have lots of great stuff to share. 

You are welcome to become a part of them!

Before you get started, here are some things you need to know:

**All posts are submissions and therefore subject to review, minor edits, and possibly rejection unless the below guidelines are followed *

***If you are ready to submit and know that your article will pass the below requirements, you can go ahead and email a copy to matt@theyogablog.com 

Rules For Posting:

The Yoga Blog is a resource for everything related to Yoga, conscious living, healthy choices, recipes, meditation, and all around leading a Yogic lifestyle. We aim to give our readers valuable insights into these topics. For this reason, it’s important that all contributions are interesting and contain information that anybody interested in Yoga can make use of.

Types of Posts:

What we publish:

  • Yoga News
  • Healthy recipes, and descriptions/instructions for poses
  • Inspiration, motivation, humor
  • Expert knowledge, expert opinions, interesting personal insights
  • Information, interviews, interesting facts.

What we don’t publish:

  • Promotional posts pushing a product or company service
  • Long personal posts that are really made for close friends and family

The Meat (or Tofu) of the Post

  • Voice: Please remain at least relatively positive and upbeat, but don’t be afraid to give criticism either. Share your opinion directly, but don’t be a butt head. 
  • Citation: If you take information, please refer to those sources in your post.
  • Images: Add whatever pictures you think would work. We may add in some as well. 


Your article should include the following:

  • Title: Try and think about it from the perspective of a reader. What would be attention grabbing to you?
  • Paragraphs: Separate your article into 2-5 sentence paragraphs. Many people on the internet like to “scan” articles. 
  • Subheadings: Subheadings allow a reader to further “scan” the post. Once again, this is great for the audience. They sum up main points in paragraphs or groups of paragraphs. 
  • Length: Articles should be above 350 words, and shorter than 750. We are lenient about this though. If you have an incredible article with valuable information you think people would get a lot out of, we will work with you. Don’t be afraid to ask. In the past, we have broken articles into a series of posts and people loved it! There may be other options as well :)

Ideas for Posts: 


The Top 5 Reasons Guys Should do Yoga

How Tos

How To Tell If You’re A Classic Western Yogi


Was Gandhi an Anarchist?

Self-Improvement/ Self-Discovery

Einstein and Tagore Share a Conversation

The Final Steps:

Send us Your Bio

We need a good picture of you and a brief bio no more that 120 words written in 3rd person. 

Send Us Your Submission

Email it to matt@theyogablog.com


Share it with your friends, family, coworkers and your own blog. Let out the word!