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Siva Mohan, MD is a globally minded Ayurvedic healer with passion, compassion, and style. Walking away from a high-profile neurology career with no cures, she now prescribes soothing, ancient healing practices. She is a self-realized physician with Ivy-Leage allopathic medical training and an international resume. Moreover, Siva is an integrative health pioneer and the cofounder of Veda Mela, a yoga and Vedic wisdom event in Los Angeles.
by Dawn MorningstarNovember 25, 2015

My first Yoga experience was in LA Fitness, which not many people expect. I was going to the gym, running track, cross-country, and having knee trouble.

Despite being Indian, I came the same way that most Americans do.

So through LA Fitness, I was like “Wow this is kind of cool,” and then I really got into it. I was fifteen when I began an earnest yoga practice.

From then I took my whole journey, you know, I did Bikram Yoga, did Viniyoga, did Anahata yoga and just kind of fell into my own blend of Hatha yoga.

Yoga’s like air and water; it’s an essential component of living well and feeling good.

When we come into the world, we seem to naturally make decisions from the heart space, like “I want to throw this pizza on the ceiling, oops!” We see what that feels like.

My kids are fearless. They have no problem being themselves. They’re unfiltered. There’s no programming.

Then as we go through life, all of the social mores come in. We’ve got our generational stuff. We’ve got our familial stuff. We’ve got our personal culture. All of that comes into the mix and we start to define these “dos” and “don’ts” and “shoulds” in our lives.

Then we’re in our 20s and 30s and suddenly we’re making all our decisions from this head space – this big swirl of “shoulds.”

So much of what I do with my own practice, and also with my clients, is reconnecting. Identifying “that’s what you think,” and that’s the “should.”

But if we put all that aside for a moment, and ask “how do you feel about this?”

“What do you feel like you want to do here, in this situation?”

“What would feel good?”

It’s amazing how hard these questions are for grown adults to answer.

So many times I ask, “How do you feel about that?”

And they respond with “Well, I think… da da da da da, and da da da da da.”

With kids, it’s amazing to see how easily they lead with their heart. It’s a form of Vayu. It’s a form of Vatta.

When you feel drawn to something, it’s your heart speaking.

I have to work hard with myself and with other grown adults to reconnect –to find this place of alignment where we reframe our perspectives to match up with our attractions.

If we honor our heart connection, then we can select which perspective our mind matches.

With this connection, all decisions are made from a place of, “this feels good in my heart, and also in my mind.”


Photo credit: Orville Griffiths

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