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Sianna Sherman grew up as a young girl in a loving family but was tormented by the external world’s image of becoming a woman. She is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, the founder of Mythic Yoga Flow™, and the co-founder of Urban Priestess, a modern-day mystery school for women. Sianna empowers self-transformation through an integrative yoga practice combining hatha yoga, vinyasa, Tantra, yoga anatomy, therapeutics, mythology, mantra, meditation, and wisdom lineages.
by Dawn MorningstarMay 4, 2016

TYB logo black on white icon IG avatar 1As a child, I had a lot of self-love. When I played, I was so alive, happy, and full of love for myself and for my family. Then I went through some very dark years. I stopped looking in mirrors completely. I never wanted my photo taken. For years I had no sense of my own beauty in any way shape or form, neither inside nor outside.

As I began opening my heart through meditation, I pretty much just sat there and cried. With oceans of tears flowing, I was certain it was impossible to ever stop. Bit by bit, I shed layer upon layer, like a snake shedding its skin. Eventually, I started to actually feel myself.

As I opened, and as the tears poured out, there was a great cleansing – a purification. All of these thicknesses and rigidities in my heart dissolved. I began to feel love.

I turned to the mirror one day, looked at myself and had what the yoga tradition calls the Mahashakti, a reflection back to our own self.

Standing there looking at myself, I saw my beauty from the light of my eyes. I asked myself, “Where have I been?” and told myself, “I’ve missed you. I’m a beautiful human being.” I started to cry.

At that moment, something significant changed. By touching that hardened part of myself again and again and again through meditation, I was able to melt away the icebergs of rigidity that encapsulated my heart.

Sianna Sherman

I am someone who is a lover of the interconnectedness of all beings. I love nature. I love the elementals. I love the fairy realms, the spirit realms, the nature spirits, and the spirits of human beings. I am a story teller that is trying to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen world, to help people remember who they are, that every single one of us has vast amounts of creative energy, and every single one of us is completely beautiful.

I am devoted to opening up the pathway of the heart, to bring loving energy into the world, and to bring respect into the world for who we are and for one another. Bringing people together so we can let our guard down, be real with each other and simply feel who we really are from our authentic truth. Untie the knots of the heart, spin the prayer wheel, and offer up the blessings of who we are! Let yourself be loved. Receive it and offer it.

Love fully.

It’s never a done deal. Every day, I work on many things inside myself.  I practice because it’s my whole dedication.

To be human. As a human being, there are so many places where I get stuck.

Yoga helps us to be fully, divinely human. There’s nothing about this practice that’s trying to get us out of being human. Yoga helps radically affirm ourselves as human beings.

Yoga practices are sacred alchemy. Every single day I commit and recommit to my practices because I’m making a commitment to myself to grow. That’s my practice, “How can I open my heart to life, into a situation that is so painful right now?”

I’m here to grow myself as a spiritual being, as a human being, as someone who really cares, as someone who really gets it, and someone who wants to connect in a deep true way. I practice to become the divinely beautiful, most real human being that I can be. Yoga is my alchemy. It’s an all chemical elixir, and I take little sips every day.

To be continued…

2nd part of the interview series with Sianna Sherman at the Yoga Journal Live San Diego, CA

Interviewed by Hung Tran


Join Sianna June 24th-27th, 2016 at Yoga Journal Live San Diego at Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, CA


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 Photo credit: Paulina Westerlind, Shine Yoga, Sianna Sherman & The Yoga Blog
  • Ranjeet Kumar

    I like yoga because I want be fit for long time I know very well benefits of yoga. I do yoga daily. After reading your blog I feel proud on you. I want be a sucessfull yoga teacher so I joined 200 Hour hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. I am spending maximum time in yoga practice. I want to be a teacher like you.

  • Stojanka

    I am not a yoga teacher at all, but just about 10 minutes ago I was stretching out and thinking about yoga. I have been given the gift of being naturally athletic so I started teaching Zumba about 5 months ago. It’s great and all but sometimes I want to chill out and catch my breathe and collect my self. So thinking while stretching, I came up with the idea of maybe doing some kind of yoga dance flow could be a good audition to my life. Anyways I searched yoga blog and decided to click on this website and I was drawn to your picture first because you look bold and loving to your self and the emotion on your face looked real. Then I read you blog and it put a little spark my soul because we all have dips in life and all but the way you explain coming out of the dark to where you are now, with beautiful words is really inspiring me because I am so happy with my self and life and I want to put a spark in people’s lives but haven’t found a good way to yet. Maybe yoga is my solution to being able to put a spark hearts physically and emotionally. Thanks for putting your self out there and letting people know that they have the ability to shine out into the word.

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