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8 Problems Only Yoga People Are Privy To #yogaproblems

by Hannah CollinsNovember 19, 2013


8 Problems Only Yoga People Are Privy To #yogaproblems

“Now bend forward, place your hands on the mat, pull up and oh my goodness you can see through her yoga pants.”

Whether you’re one of the 58 percent of 20 million people in the United States practicing yoga to reduce stress, you’re sure to encounter “problems” only fellow yoga people can understand.

1. Bending and belching. You’re finally taking a break to settle into a relaxing downward dog pose, and the attractive person bending over in front of you belches. Suddenly, what they had for lunch comes wafting over to your mat. Tell the people around you about the delicious water with cucumber and ginger you drink before class and perhaps they’ll take a cue. Yoga Mint is full of recipes that benefit digestion to curb belching while bending.

2. Your pants are more flexible than you are. Sure, yoga pants are supposed to be stretchy, to give a little here and there, to even be forgiving in some areas, but be see-through? No. Now, during holiday shopping time, Macy’s sales are perfect for stocking up on new, “sturdier” versions of your old, “flexible” yoga pants.

3. People around you start snoring during Savasana. Ever get the feeling some people come to class to sleep or just lay around and nap? Savasana is for you to relax, but not time to pass out. Offer the people around you Mountain Rose essential oil hydrosol spray of tulsi or basil to revive even your most sleepy classmate.

4. Getting accused of carrying a gun case on public transportation when it’s really just your yoga mat. “Excuse me sir, your gun is hitting me in the shoulder!” Have your yoga mat in a black case that straps across your shoulder? Opt for one with a little color so you’re known for making peace, not war on public transportation.

5. You’re stuck in a bind, literally. You can almost get into the Bird of Paradise, but you can’t get out.

6. The person on the mat next to you is the person with the worst BO in class. Can you really say something to the repeat offender next to you? Probably not, but you can go to class with assorted essential oils like Aura Acacia oils so you smell like flowers, and skip the body odor. Opt for citrus, jasmine and ylang ylang to evoke an eye opening, yet relaxing mood in lieu of sniffing the other guy.

7. Mishaps on the mat due to dripping sweat. The more you bend like a pretzel, the more you sweat, slip and slide on your mat. Remember the person next to you is close, so before wiping your own sweat, take care not to “fling” sweat in your neighbor’s direction.

8. Instead of flirting and asking you out on a date, the person next to you wants to talk about yoga. Wait, is this a problem?!

Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins
Hannah Collins is a PR specialist with a knack for helping small businesses take their company to the next level. She also freelances as a writer and editor for several blogs. She has been practicing yoga for 2 years.
  • ting

    LMAO… he he he he

  • Swami Vivekananda

    Hilarious! Definitely some problems we encounter at West Seattle Yoga Center!

  • HAHA wow!
    Just experienced “People snoring during Savasana” and it really felt like a weird experience… I never thought Savasana was about sleeping or even dozing off?

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