Henry Shukman – “Zen taught me to allow things to be as they are.”
David Ross Patient – "I'm talking about realistic positive."

Laura Plumb – “Love is its own authority.”

First I fell in love with Yoga, then a wild and wise Yogi, then Jyotish, Ayurveda, India, an ashram and a certain saintly Swami. Now I live in a place called ‘awe,’ for who knew love could be so deep, or that the world could rise up so high with vigor, grace and heart. I teach in order to sustain.
by Dawn MorningstarApril 21, 2016

The world is a beautiful place. Coded in this world, in nature, is all the healing we need.

We need to remember that we’re not alone, that we’re together, that we live together. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we are always supported. There’s always support for us. There are great masters who are beautiful, radiant, and awakened and who remind us of who we are. They help us remember that the purpose of our life is to remember that we’re connected, that we’re one.

That’s what makes my heart sing.

I like to say, “You weren’t born alone.” At the very least your mother was there. Everywhere we go in life, our Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Divine Principle is always with us.


This means the principle of love is always there for us.

My passion is to help people remember love – not just love as an intimate relationship or love as friendship. But love as the force of life itself, the field in which we live. Love is everywhere. It is always reaching out to all of us. All we have to do is look and it’s there.

We are born with this love.

A lot of people get hurt and wounded by life. Some are hurt so bad, and want to love so much, but the capacity to give gets obstructed because our heart was shut down.

I discovered love through those hurts.

I went through a divorce. It wasn’t a nasty divorce. It was an unfortunate situation more than anything. The divorce was such a feeling of failure. I really wanted to love this person. I really wanted to be in a loving relationship.

What did I do wrong? What is flawed in me, if anything at all? What was flawed in my thinking or in my approach? How is that person really a mirror of my own self-doubt or self-sabotage?

What I learned through that self-enquiry was that the heart seeks to love. Our pain from love-lost is not that we are no longer loved, but that we are suddenly blocked from loving. It’s like we are in the divine flow and suddenly that’s ripped from us. Because the stream of divinity is a current of love. When we are in loving relationship it feels so good because there we are in the ritam, in harmony with all of life and all the intelligence that creates life.

To be in love then is the most dynamic expression of aliveness. So why not “be in love” all the time?

Jump back in to that stream. Let love flow through you as a endless stream rather than as a consequence of some often random encounter with an other. Let love be a self-fulfilling feedback loop. In other words it’s a stream. And you can be in the permanent flow. Always. Regardless of circumstances. 

Love your breath. Love your body. Love your movements. Love your meals. Love your pets. Love your neighbor’s pets if you don’t have any. Love the nature that surrounds you. Love the bird-song that greets you in the morning. Love the sun, rain or wind that greets you when you step outside. Love your friends more. Love your colleagues more. Love each day, and let each day whisper its love back to you.

Let yourself love. Let yourself be love. Love is your birthright. Love is your own alchemy. Love is your truest and most exalted expression of your aliveness. Love is the song of the universe praising all creation through you. To me, this is Karma. It’s all the experiences of your life that break your heart into so many little pieces that there is no longer any wall, any fragment of separation, anything left to break. All that remains is love.

We must be willing to really feel, experience, and learn how to open our heart. Don’t go grabbing shiny and exciting things expecting people are going to love you.

Ground yourself into your own heart and the love you are made of. Just be in your own authority.

Then, everything just comes. Love comes. Beauty comes. Generosity comes. You’re okay if it comes or it doesn’t because you’re grounded in the field of love – but it comes, and it’s a great delight.

Love is its own authority. Yoga is love.

2nd part of the interview series with Laura Plumb at Bhakti Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA.

Interviewed by Hung Tran

Join Laura in Joshua Tree, CA May 13th-15th for ShaktiFest 2016

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Photo credit: Laura Plumb & The Yoga Blog

Laura Plumb is the founder of VedaWise, offering classes and consultations in Ayurveda, Yoga, Mind-Body Therapies, Nutrition, Mantra, Meditation and Jyotish astrology.

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