“Our purpose is loving each other unconditionally.” –Sridhar Silberfein is the founder of Bhakti Fest and co-producer of Woodstock in 1969.
Brian Hinman – “Yin yoga shut my brain off.”

Kino MacGregor – “I felt like I was empty inside.”

Kino MacGregor is a world-renowned Ashtanga Yoga teacher, author and entrepreneur. Despite her international recognition and massive social media presence, Kino is just a girl who, "simply wants to live a peaceful life, be a good person and share her gifts." With a deep reverence for her teachers and the sacred space of practice, she co-founded the Miami Life Center together with her husband Tim.
by Jack GreeneJune 22, 2016

TYB logo black on white icon IG avatar 1I think the purpose of life in a nutshell is to find God. In many different ways, we’re all searching for God. We may not all like the word “God,” so some people say they’re searching for happiness or they’re searching for love, or they’re searching for a more peaceful life.

Essentially what we’re all looking for is a path to the truth of our inner being.

At the truth of our inner being, there is the eternal wisdom of our divine self. In many ways I feel like the whole journey of life is a journey back to source, back to where you came from. It’s about discovering the journey of the real world, the empirical proof but also through a personal and intimate relationship with God, rather than a religious sense of an abstract God that sits away from us. It’s through a personal, direct relationship with that divine presence that we can interact with on a daily basis.


For many years, I didn’t have a relationship with God and I looked for love in all the wrong places. I felt like I was empty inside. I would actually go looking for love to try and fill up. I looked for what I thought was love to fill the emptiness inside of myself. I looked for love in relationships with men and demanded a certain emotional response so that I would finally feel whole and complete. I didn’t look for that wholeness or completeness within.


The love I know now is the only thing that’s real. It’s the only thing that fills us up from the inside. It’s the vibration of the universe. It’s the highest spiritual truth that exists. Everything else doesn’t matter. It’s not the kind of love where we think, “I love you because you did this for me.”


I don’t think we can conceptualize pure love until we know God. Pure love is infinitely patient. A love that immediately forgives. This love is big enough to contain and forgive all of the wrongs that are done in the world without conditions. It’s so big, so powerful, and so grand that it can contain the goodness and the badness. Love is not just the white side of the yin and the yang. Love is the fabric that creates that image. It’s the fabric that contains the light and the shadow.

Love embraces both light and dark without deviating from its steady vibration.

To be continued…

1st part of The Yoga blog interview series at Yoga Journal Live San Diego, CA 2015.

Interviewed by Hung Tran

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  • Chad Lane Hallyburton

    “I feel like the whole journey of life is a journey back to source, back to where you came from.”

    Right on. In The Gospel According to Thomas, Jesus’ students ask him where they will find their end. His basic reply: “You’re looking for the end? Instead look for where you began. That’s where you will find your end.”

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