Govind Das – “Love is what keeps things juicy and free.”
“Our purpose is loving each other unconditionally.” –Sridhar Silberfein is the founder of Bhakti Fest and co-producer of Woodstock in 1969.

“Life’s not what we initially perceive it to be.” –Kia Miller is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga

Kia Miller grew up on the Falkland Islands connected to nature and riding horses over vast land. Her mission in life is to inspire, elevate, and educate people to joyfully live to their fullest and most creative potential. Kia is the founder of Radiant Body Yoga combining Vinyasa Flow with Kundalini.
by Dawn MorningstarMay 10, 2016

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Kia Miller has been created in this lifetime. It’s my smaller self-identity. There are many facets I experience life through. There’s Kia, the wife to Tommy Rosen. There’s Kia, the teacher and there’s Kia, the student.

There’s also Kia, the girl who likes to play and explore and enjoy life. She’s the one who loves nature, horses, and animals. She likes to be in the pure present moment and enjoy it. It’s fun being out in nature. I go to the ocean. I swim. I hike a lot. I laugh with my husband all the time. That’s fun.

To me, my higher identity is just pure God, pure love. Kia is a way I represent that love to the world.


I’m passionate about yoga. I’m passionate about the quest to know myself at the deepest level. I’m passionate about the process of moving through darkness into light. How does that work? How do I go through it myself? How do I share the practice of moving through the fire with people? I’m passionate about embodying the state that I see awakened beings embodying.

There’s a whole level of myself that I haven’t tapped into yet. More vast. More expanded. More brilliant. More loving. More capable. More in service to all of those things. I can feel that.

I love to share what I’m passionate about. I feel I’ve been gifted to share the practice of yoga. It is an incredible gift for me to be able to do that. I discovered yoga from a Raquel Welch book when I was 15. At the time, I was on the verge of entering a modeling career. Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda were the babes I looked up to. Raquel Welch had a book on beauty, which had a Bikram sequence of yoga postures. I just loved it. I did it every day for about two years.


Two years later, I moved to London and I started Ashtanga Yoga. That was my first love. After some years, I found Kundalini yoga. That was my second love. It’s been an extraordinary journey. Things that I’ve learned that are really powerful for me are things I’ve learned from different teachers.

One absolutely important idea is that we create our own reality.

The idea of continuously and consciously choosing a path – a practice, to be present. An awareness so we can cut the kind of subconscious momentum driving so many of us. That’s huge for me.

Another big idea is that our mind is a computer. Our being is a computer. How are we programming this being in every moment?

Fear appears when I start to run my old programming that “I’m not enough”. Fear also appears when I lose trust and faith in the underlying intelligence that’s moving things forward. I try to control my experience too much. That’s where my fear comes from. I still work at it in my meditation. When I’m meditating, it takes a good moment for my planning mind to slow down.

My natural way is to live in the future. I’m constantly planning and creating, so everything shows up perfectly. Under that is a fear that things are just not manifesting in the perfect way. That’s the fear I’m most aware of in my meditative space.


Life’s not what we initially perceive it to be.

This is the grand Lila, the big play. We’re here to evolve, to create, to love one another, to create beauty and to awaken.

Jeffrey Armstrong was just talking about this in his lecture I sat in. It was beautiful. He was talking about how we want to program our cells every single day so they are vibrating in the frequency we want.

That’s in my practice of Kundalini yoga. Sadhana is the bedrock of everything. We can get what we want when we’re tending to our mental, physical and energetic being on a daily basis. We can project the kind of frequency and intention we want to live from. That’s the root of it for me.

I recognize what’s available through the yogic teachings and the states of consciousness available. I see where most of us in humanity are living. There’s so far we can go. That is exciting to me. Think of all the other dimensions that are possible when we open ourselves to them.

2nd part of the in-person interview series with Kia Miller at Bhakti Fest West Joshua Tree, CA

Interviewed by Hung Tran. Edited by Dawn Morningstar.

Join Kia May 13th-15th at Shakti Fest 2016 at Joshua Tree, CA


Find Kia here: WebFacebook. Instagram.

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  • Harman Singh

    First of all i want to say, that is an amazing way to describe what almost everyone goes through. And frankly i went through almost all these phases of yoga. although i found Bikram to be best suited for me.
    And with this comment i would like to take the opportunity to let your readers know about this festival i am going to in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Its the International Yoga Festival, and the reason why im putting this up is because i would love to see you and your protégés at this festival.
    Heres a link:

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