Aubrey Hackman – “Yoga was my therapy.”
Dave Stringer – “Maybe I should let go of trying to find an answer.”

Josiah Batson – “Math is a vortex of life.”

Josiah comes from a spiritually and culturally diverse background in Toronto. He enjoys traveling and learning about yoga and the mysteries of life from teachers all over the world. Josiah thrives while connecting to nature, exploring his roots, and weaving sacred geometry into his Vedic Thai Healing Bodywork sessions and Yoga.
by Jack GreeneMarch 1, 2016

What is my gift to the world? My gift to the world is to always be complete love in the midst of everything and anything, from across the planet to being in-person. Permeate with love and compassion all the time.

Within compassion, I am empathetic to beings that are still on the path to knowing. Fear to me feels like it’s the root cause of why we’re slightly deluded in this space, memory, and time.

Every time fear comes up for myself, I ask where is it coming from, I search, find it and then I smile at it.Fear for some people may be a negative thing, but we can use it as tool for self realization.

Being on this Shamanic path for almost 15yrs now, I decided to deepen my spiritual practice in the last few years.
I understand the practice much more deeply and I am now better at letting go of the ego within the asana and beyond this space time memory.
I let go of judgment of all things and people. This way we can just love all things as they are, as the Buddha would say “as it is.”

It can help us ascend and see life just as pure beingness, as isness, this greater awareness of the quantum field around us as we call it.

As these things arise and we are moment to moment, vigilant in our yogi awareness, we start the Ascension process once we pay attention to this energy.

It’s as though we’re playing this game in 3rd density form in this holographic universe and our conditioning continuously creates all these fears.

We play this game in a perpetual cycle.

“There it is. I can address it and I can let it go.”

How long do you want to stay there and sit in your worry and negativity? You can stay there for a second, a minute, weeks, months or years.

The awareness is simply, “yes, it’s there.” Without judgment, just seeing it and smiling at it as it is.


I’ve got three secrets to life the world already knows.

The first one is learning how to let go. Surrendering.

Feeling the surrender. Feeling it, because we feel so easily. We do it subconsciously all day long. It’s about sharing how to feel more. Once you can feel more, you can learn how to surrender and let go.

The second is to love everything.

After you let go, you just love whatever you let go of. As things are coming in and out of your vortex all day long, you can see where to let go. Then you can see where and what to love – which is all things.

We are loving all the time, but definitely in a space of, “Hey, this is the vortex. I’ve got to protect myself.”

There are all these other energies around to distract us from our spiritual path, so we just want to keep having that loving vibration even if things come your way that may rock your boat.

The third is sacred geometry. I feel deeply and know it’s the union of all things.

It goes beyond the Big Bang. It goes beyond us. It goes beyond all the sages, all the saints, all the shamans, all the yogis.

It comes down to pure energy, zero point energy, the Merkaba, which we are.  Beyond the illusion, its the unification. If we can feel vibration we can remember to remember.

Feeling is the closest connection. The closest thing to imagination and visualization. We can start to permeate so much of ourselves to a higher level – a higher frequency – through feeling.

In my experience through meditation and research, sacred geometry is the way. Just look at math.

Math is amazing. Math proves everything through the Platonic solids and all of their cousins. Starting with 1 •

The universe has clearly implemented metaphysical education through ancient esoteric teachings and the fusion of modern quantum physics. Together it unifies us and ascends our spirit in our modern world and new earth to come, which we are only learning now.

Even the way we move through our daily life, mathematics is happening in every moment to synchronize all of your daily happenings.

Math is a vortex of life.

Ask for miracles and you receive miracles. Wake up like you are the genius of this universe and your prayers have already been answered.

I think it’s all mathematical equations that we are putting out subconsciously and we just can’t see it. It’s all an illusion, and all this is imagination that’s taking place.

In the near future I’ll be doing workshops on sacred geometric movement and sacred math basics where I teach in La Jolla, at Trilogy Sanctuary.

I’m always diving deeper into teaching this amazing union of life which is yoga, sacred geometry, and us.

There’s no separation, everything is all one.

To be continued…

2nd interview of the Josiah Batson interview series with Hung Tran  in Encinitas, CA.

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