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Don Miguel Ruiz is a Toltec Master, former neurosurgeon and highly acclaimed author who is committed to changing the world by guiding people toward personal freedom. Born into a family of healers, don Miguel went back to his Toltec roots with questions about the mind that his medical books couldn’t answer. With his mother’s help, he discovered his own path to awareness, which evolved into a deep understanding of the physical universe and the virtual world of the mind. He has authored many best selling novels including, 'The Four Agreements' and his most recent novel, 'The Toltec Art of Life and Death.' As a nagual, he has dedicated his life to sharing the wisdom of the ancient Toltec through his books, lectures, and sacred journeys around the world.
by Dawn MorningstarFebruary 5, 2016

Every step of my life has been great.

I always live in the present moment, right here, right now. I can tell you this is the most important moment of my life because I am alive right now. The rest is just a story. Maybe it was real when it happened, but right now this is real right here, right now.

Just to be alive, that is more than enough. To wake up, perceive, put my body in action, this is more than enough. There’s nothing to expect. There’s a lot to plan. In certain times you just learn to live today like it’s the last day of your life, but planning like you’re going to live forever without expecting that anything will happen.

When I stopped being a medical doctor, I didn’t miss neurosurgery because at a certain point I wanted to understand the human mind and how it works. In order to do that, I went back to my family tradition.

I studied with my mother what she called dreaming.


All of this is a dream.

We are dreaming with the brain awake right now. There’s no doubt about it.

For example, if you see a mirror, everything that is inside the mirror is not real. Everything that is outside the mirror is real. We don’t see objects. We only see the light that is reflected from all of those objects that are made of matter, and that light projects images in our eye. Our eye is just like the mirror. The difference is that behind the eye is the brain with all our knowledge.

We justify everything, we qualify everything, we name everything because we already have that mindset, but it’s an image, our imagination– a dream. We are dreaming with our mind awake right now.

In your dream we perceive exactly the same objects, but your mind will qualify it in a completely different way, justify it in a different way.

We are dreaming right now, but what we believe about this dream is completely different, similar but different. We don’t notice because in your story everything is about you, it’s about what you perceive, what you believe, what you think. For her, it’s about her, what she thinks, what she believes, etc.

She’s dreaming, I’m dreaming, and you’re dreaming.

We are dreaming with the brain awake. When the brain sleeps, we keep dreaming, but it’s different than this dream.

This dream is linear because right now light is reflecting off of the objects and is going directly into our mind.

If you get distracted and start daydreaming of something not here, then you dream a memory.

Similarly, when your brain is sleeping, you do not perceive light, you are dreaming only with the memories that you already have.

Gradually, I started receiving and teaching many apprentices. That gave me permission to go into the mind and understand how it works. After ten years, I knew exactly how the mind works. That’s when the first book, The Four Agreements came.

The mind is very predictable. It’s very simple. It’s the same for 7 billion people who live right now. It’s exactly the same. We have the same patterns. What will be different, of course, will be the language people speak and the events that happen in their lives, but the structure of the mind is very similar, it’s almost the same. When you understand one human mind, you can understand the mind of the entire planet, all of humanity.

Life is simply our encounter with the truth.

The truth exists and is real. It’s the only thing that is real.

The truth existed long before the creation of humanity. It will exist after the extinction of humanity. The truth doesn’t need to be proved. None of us have to believe or not believe in the truth. Even without humanity the truth just exists.

On the other hand, lies only exist because we believe in those lies. If we stop believing in lies, all lies will just disappear.

When I encountered the truth, I found out how simple human life is. Life is extremely simple. We complicate everything.

We complicate it because we create lies and we corrupt all of those lies and create superstitions. Then we defend the superstitions, and we become fanatic defending all of the superstitions we created.

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This is something that you can see in my new book, The Toltec Art of Life and Death, because this is a story of a life. It’s my story in the 9 weeks that I was in coma following my heart attack in 2002.

At the moment we’re dying, our whole life passes before our eyes. All of the memorable moments, the greatest things and the worst things that happened in our life.

What is most important are the encounters we have with the truth.

Every single person has an encounter with the truth – not just once, but many times.

When we encounter the truth, our life changes in a different direction.

You let go of so many things. You forgive and forget so many things. You only focus on life. You enjoy life.

You find that in yoga, but there’s many different ways that we can find the same thing.

I call it an encounter with the truth.

When you have that encounter with truth, you know that your whole life is just a story. It’s only true for you, but for nobody else.

You have your own truth, but 7 billion other people, also have their own truth because they live in the story that they create.

That’s why we believe that we are right and everybody else is wrong.

When you realize everyone has his or her own truth, then you recover something we lose early on, which is respect.

When we respect ourselves, when we respect our own story, we find inner peace.

All of those conflicts that exist in the mind just disappear because we don’t hold onto them any longer.

You find that all minds in this beautiful planet Earth have conflict in their mind. For a long time we believe that conflict is between good and bad. That’s not true.

Good and bad is just a result of the real conflict. The real conflict is between the truth and lies.

When we believe in truth, the result is that we are good, we enjoy life, we are happy.

When we believe in lies, the result is that we are bad. How bad depends on how deep the lies are that we believe. How strong are the superstitions that we believe? It also depends on how strongly we defend those superstitions. How fanatic are we when we defend those superstitions?

Sometimes we are so fanatic that we can even kill or die in order to defend a superstition. Like in France a few days ago, we can kill many people just because we try to defend superstitions and try to impose them on other people.

“Only my God is the real one, not yours.”

“If you don’t believe in my God, I will kill you.”

We see how we humans try to impose and control everybody around.

When we understand all of these points, everything shifts and changes.

Wherever I go and whatever lecture I do, I always ask for help. The help is, “Please help me to change the world.”

I’m not talking about the world of the whole humanity. I’m talking about the world that we create, that each single human creates because it’s the only world that we can change.

If we can change our personal world, just like magic everything changes.

The only way to change our world is to change the main character, which is what you believe you are.

At a certain point you will discover that you are not what you believe you are. You will discover that you don’t have any idea what you are. You just don’t know what or who you are. You also find out that it’s not important to know. Not at all.

The truth is not disturbing at all.

What is disturbing are all of the superstitions and the way that we so fanatically protect them –that’s shocking.

To be continued…

1st part of the don Miguel Ruiz interview series with Dawn Morningstar and Hung Tran in San Diego, CA. –The Yoga Blog

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