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Conscious Creation Through Emotional Vibration

by Laura BrownApril 23, 2013

Conscious Creation Through Emotional Vibration


Consciously create the life you want

How often do you have a storm of emotions running wild internally, while externally you have a beautiful (albeit forced) smile on your face? How many times have you been talking to your boss in a kind and conciliatory manner when internally you were thinking of how lovely he would look with a fat lip?

We have all been there; we all still dip our toes in this duality of existence. We often times hold the rather mistaken notion that these experiences are entirely internal, when the truth is even the best façade cannot stop our emotional broadcast from reaching all of those around us. This broadcast and its frequency ultimately betray even the best of actors and cause a ripple effect in our lives.

Many have spoken on the Law of Attraction and the Universal Law, so the basic precepts of how to use positive thought to attract positive experiences into our lives is well known. What is perhaps lesser known is the impact our emotions have on the entire process.

Our emotions can be stronger than thoughts

Conscious Creation Through Emotional VibrationIf I am thinking thoughts that affirm something positive while my emotionality is emitting an opposite frequency, my thoughts do not much matter. The reason being is that the emotionality that I have is often times stronger than a thought process.

Emotionality often times denotes something which is ingrained within us, and believed to such a level that we can associate an emotional frequency (be it happy, sad, angry etc.) and if it’s not congruent to the thought you are trying to manifest, the vibration will not match and you will be contradicting yourself.

This is why paying attention first to your emotional broadcast and its frequency is ultimately the most important step when it comes to creatively designing your life. Whether it’s improving a relationship with a boss to secure a promotion, or trying to attract the right lover into your life, you must first look at the emotions that you tie to those situations. What is the emotional story you tell about your relationship with your boss, with lovers? What gap is there between the emotions you feel and the thoughts you need to think (and the respective emotions that must be felt)?

Visualization is key

To bridge the gap, it’s important to work on creative visualization. Now most of us have been told how to do this but remember that it’s not just about “seeing”,  it’s about the combination of seeing and believing.

If you wish to improve relations with your lover then sit quietly and see in your mind’s eye the two of you getting along, cuddling, spending time together and then associate the feelings that go along with that. If you are thinking about a peaceful and loving day out with your lover but yet you are feeling the fear, anxiety and sadness about where the relationship is going or the fact that you fear it’s in a bad place, you are canceling your own visualization out.

Conscious Creation Through Emotional Vibration

You MUST take the time to consciously experience the emotional equivalent of the visualization. Feel the touch of your lovers hand in yours or the joy that comes from spending time together in harmony and not argument. Feel the softness of his lips on yours as he bends to kiss you as you walk through the streets or sit in a dimly lit restaurant. Feel the happiness and excitement or even the lust that comes forward when you notice him starring at you, and only you for the entire date, knowing that he only has eyes for you.

When you combine the emotionality of your desired result with the creative visualization, you have a potent and impossible to deny combination for the exact reality you wish to create.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you notice that the opposite emotional vibration is creeping into your thought process, rather than becoming frenetic and worrying too much, it’s important to accept. Say aloud or quietly to yourself that you understand that emotional response served you at one time for one purpose or another and you thank that emotion for serving you while it did. Then state that you understand that it’s no longer required and that you choose a different emotional response saying that you release this “lesser” emotion in favor of one which befits the reality you wish to create and then let it go.

It may take some practice, but I assure you that you have far more to gain by being disciplined and staying focused if you wish to consciously create the life of your dreams.

Laura Brown
Laura Brown
Author, ecological renegade and Intuitive Coach, Laura Brown, has been working in the field of mind, body and spirit alignment for the past 12 years. Employing her 'holistic moxie', Laura has helped clients through a variety of transitions as they sought to live a more whole, authentic life. A Yoga practitioner for the past 14 years, Laura utilizes the lessons that Yoga teaches in her professional work as she seeks to create a universal mindfulness and stillness that allows everyone to tap into their own intuition. Her work on creating a healthier environment starts first within her home. As the mother of two children and co-creator of a busy home, Laura understands the delicate balance that must be struck to be both efficient and cognizant of our impact upon the environment. When not on the yoga mat or helping clients radicalize their lives Laura can be found in the kitchen, on the mountain trails or enjoying a good glass of vino while her husband strums the guitar.
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