Yoga And The Skinny White Girl Problem

  Brigitte Kouba, now also known as “Gigi Yogini,” found yoga in college, and it transformed her life. But soon, yoga culture sent her a new message. “When I got into the ... Continue Reading →

The Best Yoga Pants Ever Made? Yoga Without Underwear

I’m certainly no expert in the yoga-pant industry, but I can definitely tell when an idea is innovative. And this is definitely innovative. Dear Kate has completed a Kickstarter ... Continue Reading →

MUST SEE: Rare Vintage Yoga Photos

  This is so cool! The resurgence began in the late 18th century, as Indian writers began to publicize types of meditative yoga as “a unifying sign of the Indian nation,” ... Continue Reading →

Kevin Smith Shaves Beard For New Yoga Movie

      Celebrity Kevin Smith has completely changed his look for his new movie “Yoga Hosers”. He Tweeted this selfie on Monday, saying: “Look at this ... Continue Reading →
Has Yoga Become Too Materialistic?

Has Yoga Become Too Materialistic?

This author brings up some really good points… Every form of life evolves, so maybe it’s only natural for yoga to evolve as well, but what about the materialistic side of yoga? ... Continue Reading →

A Story Of Triumph: NFL Linebacker To A Renowned Yoga Teacher

 So incredibly inspiring!! When former New Orleans Saints linebacker Keith Mitchell suffered a severe spinal contusion during a routine tackle in 2003, his football career came to ... Continue Reading →
Ziggy Marley Talks Yoga And Music (Interview)

Ziggy Marley Talks Yoga And Music (Interview)

Best Part: They even wrote “Ya mon” in the article… As the fire-keeper in the great musical linage of his father Bob Marley, Ziggy’s positive vibrations transcend ... Continue Reading →

Carnival Yoga: Ridiculous, Or Brilliant?

…or maybe ridiculously brilliant? This, says Lori Lowell, is the new yoga: Two DJs on stage, a rapper, perhaps a human beat boxer, and somewhere in the mix, an instructor leading ... Continue Reading →
Adam Levine Does Acro Yoga

Adam Levine Does Acro Yoga

…or something? I dunno what this is, but it definitely looks like some sort of acro yoga thing. The post says “stuff that happens after sunset”, so maybe this is a ... Continue Reading →

James Spader, The Yoga Teacher?

  Ha! He had no idea what he was doing… Love this: “My classes were…I dimmed the lights, and I would sort of lay down in the front, and I would get people…I would ... Continue Reading →