What To Do About "Yoga Butt" AKA Hamstring Tendon Tears

What To Do About “Yoga Butt” AKA Hamstring Tendon Tears

Yoga butt, aka proximal hamstring attachment tears, are one of the most common “in practice” injuries I hear about as a yoga teacher. They also tend to linger for a really long ... Continue Reading →
Strengthen Your Yoga Experience

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Yoga Experience

  Yoga is a union of the mind, body, spirit and breath. Lovers of this widely popular practice know that the goal is not necessarily about its physical benefits; it’s about ... Continue Reading →
veterans yoga

Examining The Effects Of Yoga On Veterans

  Properly and compassionately caring for our country’s military veterans is a puzzle with continuously shifting pieces. Men and women with post traumatic stress disorder ... Continue Reading →
Changing Street Violence With Yoga

Changing Street Violence With Yoga

Engelwood has long been a topic in urban culture- from rap, to movies, to everything in between, the town is widely known as one of the most violent places in America.  The sound ... Continue Reading →
Should Schools Require Yoga?

Should Schools Require Yoga?

  Kids and Yoga A new trend is arising in physical education coursework. Schools across the United States are beginning to adopt yoga as a fitness and wellness activity for their ... Continue Reading →
Aerial Yoga: The Best Kept Secret In Yoga

Aerial Yoga: The Best Kept Secret In The Industry

  What You Need to Know About Hammock Yoga Whether you have only begun exploring the realm of yoga and other mindful and spiritual bodywork or you are someone who has been doing ... Continue Reading →
How I Came To Loath The Gym And Love Yoga

How I Came To Loathe The Gym And Love Yoga

  I’ve always had a hard time with commitment. My girlfriends would disagree, given my history of serial monogamy and their collective narrative of flitting from stamen ... Continue Reading →
How Well Do You Know Your Sh!t? (Infographic)

How Well Do You Know Your Sh!t? (Infographic)

Well??? Continue Reading →

Yoga Debate: Hot Or Not?

Discovering the Ideal Temperature for the Best Results In the wonderful world of yoga, the possibilities are endless. With so many different poses, approaches and intensity levels, ... Continue Reading →
From A Government Lawyer To A Yoga Teacher (Video)

From A Government Lawyer To A Yoga Teacher (Video)

Michael Fukumura is a friend of mine, and it really makes me happy to see this video of him. He is a seriously nice guy; deep, genuine, inspirational, and an incredible teacher. Michael ... Continue Reading →