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by Matt CaronOctober 15, 2014


Love this video!

The way Bill Nye succinctly explains an issue and gives you a simple yet great understanding; always did impress me.

GMO’s have been around for quite some time, and have been fiercely debated by many for decades.

I, for one, am against them for many reasons. But to me, none of those reasons come close to touching the real reason why GMO’s need to be labelled: we don’t know what we don’t know.

GMO’s could be creating massive ecological and environmental shifts that we’re unaware of…something we might seriously regret down the road.

I really wish we had decided to label GMO’s in CA, but unfortunately that ballot measure failed, much to my amazement. 

Matt Caron
Matt Caron
Matt is an enthusiastic Yoga teacher and life voyager. He enjoys reading, writing, practicing and meditating. He is the founder and editor of Matt strives to inspire conscious living and conscious dialogue; not only for others, but for himself.
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