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by Mary FletcherDecember 12, 2014

Heartburn, acidity, hypertension and obesity are the common issues which plague the lives of most individuals in today’s world and even youngsters are no exception to this rule.

This is because we all tend to have crazy schedules with irregular meals and equally irregular patterns of sleep, coupled with binge eating and junk food. The end result is high levels of blood cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and the onset of heart disease at a very early age.

Thus, it’s very necessary to embark on a healthy lifestyle and to follow a proper diet at a very early age so as to prevent the onset of disease.

It’s therefore imperative to inculcate certain things in your daily life so as to keep yourself away from the doctors for as long as possible.

1. Eat small portions regularly

The best way to keep your weight in control is by having a healthy full-fledged breakfast followed by small portions regularly throughout the day. Doctors and physicians have often agreed that a regulated diet with a limited intake of food keeps your weight in control and lowers your blood cholesterol level.

So the next time you skip your breakfast and gorge on junk food remember to carry a fruit, nuts or a nutrition bar to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

2. Keep yourself hydrated all day

Drinking water is the best way to detoxify all the waste products from your body. Water removes waste through perspiration, urination and bowel movements other than maintaining body temperature.

Thus it’s supremely important to sip on water all through the day. Most teens have a habit of drinking aerated drinks as a substitute for water. This not only causes weight gain but also harms the system in the long run.

3. Adequate amount of sleep

A general habit of teenagers and working adults today is to stay up till late in the night. It’s become a habit to wake up with dark circles and a puffy face as a result of irregular sleep cycles. It also affects metabolism and causes attention deficit disorder.

It is therefore imperative to get at least seven to eight hours of regular sleep every day.

4. Join a yoga class

The biggest reason why obesity has struck the world is because most teens have transformed into couch potatoes while the adult population is too busy working on their computers forgetting about their required dose of exercise.

The best way to counter this is to play a sport or even better join a yoga class. Yoga not only keeps you in shape but it also heals the mind and the body, such that no amount of stress or tension can affect you mentally or physically.

5. Go easy on the caffeine

A very regular habit of the majority of the working population is to drink coffee or tea at regular intervals to keep oneself stimulated and alert.

But an excessive amount of consumption causes insomnia, restlessness, stomach disorder, nausea and fast heartbeat. So, next time instead of compensating for your sleepiness by downing cups of coffee, do not compromise on your regular quota of sleep.

6. Cultivate a hobby

We all had that one hobby in high school or college which distinguished us from the rest. Some could sing well, some were born athletes, some were dancers or some merely loved reading books.

It’s high time you get back to the basics and spend at least sometime every week on your hobby because spending your ‘me time’ is very important to feel at peace with yourself and inculcating a certain degree of discipline and restraint in your life.

7. Avoid alcohol as much as possible

While some doctors do consider moderate amount of alcohol as good for health, it is generally considered a bane because most people tend to end up drinking far more than desirable and that affects their health adversely.

Thus it’s better to keep the booze limited while partying rather than nursing a terrible hangover and downing cups of coffee on the next morning to keep it going.

So before you feel alarmed about your increasing weight or your regular visits to the doctor inculcate these habits and lead a healthier lifestyle because that will surely keep you fit and supple in the long run.

Mary Fletcher
Mary Fletcher
Lubbock native Mary Fletcher is currently living in Nashville as a recording artist, songwriter, and an avid yogi. She practices at the Shatki Yoga studio, located on the famous Music Row. Mary’s currently writing and recording a new EP, due later this year. Visit Mary's website at or her Facebook.
  • Thanks for the post. It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this stressful and busy world.. I used to have a very stressful yob, no time for breakfast or good lunch, running around all day, not sleeping much,… After a while a was really exhausted. So I decided to turn my life around, followed a Yoga teacher training course, and now my focus has really changed from my job to my family and teaching yoga. I feel much more relaxed and happy..!

  • arletk

    great tips! I think I do most of these, but I bet if I fined tuned all of them, I’d be on my way to a healthier life!

  • Jaryd

    Yoga definetly helps you to hold a healthier lifestyle. It is proven that it reduces the urge to several bad habits.

  • As eluded upon, connect with the Earth, whatever that looks like to you. Laying on the Earth, walking barefoot on the Earth, practice meditation, learn and practice the asanas (postures of Yoga), and/or acquire an Earthing mat.
    Maintain positive intentions and be compassionate.

  • Ruby

    Thanks for this post, its really helpful to have small adaptable tips that you can use to adjust your lifestyle. It can be so challenging to be healthy when everything is so fast paced and finding the time to make changes can feel impossible. I’ve just written a post about my first experience of Yoga and how
    its changed my life and outlook. Id Really appreciate any feedback/views
    from anyone who knows a little more about Yoga!


  • Onkarnath Singh

    Really nice info..thanks

  • Awesome tips! I go through phases on all of these, but it’s so important to stay consistent. ~Christina,

  • apoorvayoga
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  • Very encouraging post, by cultivating good habits you can greatly improve the overall health. Yoga certainly makes you stronger and healthier

  • oceanwild

    Balancing Diet is one of key part of Healthier Life. rich in Breakfast, variety in Lunch. less in Dinner. those are great for diet balance.

  • Maisie

    Very rightly said. Everybody is so buzy in their work and other activities and hardly get time for themselves. But at least we should have healthy life style. If you cannot do yoga daily, then go for yoga retreats with your family in holidays and have relaxed mind and body

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