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Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your Life

by Andrea CoxFebruary 6, 2013


Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your Life


Feeling stressed out or anxiety ridden? Allow the following techniques that have worked for my clients, family  and myself work for you too!

1. Days of silence along with Meditation

Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your LifeThe beauty of practicing meditation is that it allows you to “let go” and “be in the moment.” People who meditate regularly have vast improvements physically, mentally, and spiritually. You always notice these people in a line or in a crowded room, they are the “quite still ones”.There are several different ways to meditate. Meditation practices often involve learning chanting, breathing, or mantra techniques. Initially, your mind may wander when you first start meditating. After training your mind to focus on the moment, you will eventually find yourself transformed and feel very peaceful and content. Be sure and turn off all electronics around you (or maybe in your entire home) prior to meditating. Beginners may find it difficult to meditate for this length at first, but don’t despair. It will become easier once you are meditating regularly.
Taking a day of silence one day per week or month is something I have found to be truly healing. This not only helps clear the mind to take on daily tasks but also allows the body to heal on a glandular level once all electronic devices (cell phone, computer, TV) are turned off for 24 hours. I find taking a note around as I go through my day that reads something like the following often helps others to be more accepting. “Hello I am taking a day of silence. Thank you for respecting this sacred time”

2. Brain paint or Biofeedback

Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your LifeBio-feedback involves attaching surface electrodes (SEMG) to your skin. The SEMG measures your blood pressure, muscle tension level, breathing, and heart rate. A biofeedback therapist will meet with you and show you the ways in which your body reacts on a computer screen. The therapist will then teach you new skills for decreasing the level of stress you are experiencing. The results are AMAZING!
Biofeedback is taught by a psychologist or specialized therapist who has been trained in biofeedback techniques. I personally had MAJOR success using the “Brain paint” version of bio-feedback over the past 2 years. 


3. Yoga

Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your LifeYoga has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years. Yoga combines meditation and physical exercise to achieve improved health,deeper breathing and a sense of over all well-being. Yoga involves repeating movements that can help improve strength and flexibility as well as promote mental and physical health and greater self-understanding. The movements are very graceful and have spiritual significance. Paying careful attention to breathing is also part of practicing yoga.
Yoga is best learned in a group that teaches yoga techniques. After learning yoga, you can do it in the privacy and comfort of your own home. To dive even deeper into yoga consider hiring a private yoga instructor. This has helped me really dive deeper into my practice.


4. Guided Imagery

Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your LifeGuided Imagery is a great way to reduce stress! It uses “visualization” and visualization techniques to improve health. It has been used effectively for people with cancer who literally imagine themselves without the cancerous cells. Other creative visualization techniques include transporting the individual to a quiet place in their mind (perhaps a favorite beach, getaway, or childhood “safe place”). You can either create your own special place or listen to a guided imagery tape or CD. According to some studies, guided imagery can “reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood and heighten short-term immune cell activity.”


5. Deep Breathing

Lose The Stress! 5 Tips That Will Change Your LifeDeep breathing exercises are also known as diaphragmatic breathing. During these exercises, you are not to engage in the typical shallow breathing, but breathing through your diaphragm this very technique is practiced by singers and actors for centuries to produce uninterrupted song or dialogue.

Keep in mind that relaxation exercises such as these must be practiced regularly, as a part of your daily routine. Some people quit their relaxation techniques or meditation claiming it “doesn’t do anything for me” or “I can’t clear my mind.” Through practice over and over again, most people can overcome such objections.
You can research online how do do all of the above techniques on your own without costing you a penny! Good luck and let me know the results you get!
Andrea Cox
Andrea Cox
Andrea is a raw living foods coach and celebrity chef who prides herself on teaching and spreading the word on living a healthy active lifestyle. Since transitioning into the raw, Andrea has written two books, Rawlicous Recipes that discusses her trials and tribulations of living with bulimia & how she healed it by juicing, cleansing and eating a plant based high raw diet. She also just completed Juicing for beauty, a collection of her favorite juice recipes. You can find her resources on thehealthyhaven.net or alkalizewithandrea.com. Be sure to look into her retreats!
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