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5 Tips For Creating An In-Home Yoga Studio

by Samantha HudsonJuly 23, 2013

Create Your Own Yoga Studio

Years ago, my mother reminded me daily that as soon as I went off to college, she would be turning my bedroom into a yoga studio. If you harbor similar intentions for an unused room in your house, it’s easy to create the perfect space for your practice. The same ideals that guide your yoga practice can also be applied to creating a safe and relaxing yoga practice space in your home.

1. Keep it Simple

There’s no reason to decorate your yoga space with an abundance of posters and figurines. In this case, simplicity is key. A minimalist space will allow you to turn your focus inward toward your practice and shut out all outside distractions. All you really need inside your home yoga studio is a mat.

2. Stay in Control

You will want to be able to control both the temperature and the lighting of your yoga space, as both are integral parts of your practice. Make sure the room is well insulated so that you can heat the room quickly without wasting energy when you want to practice in a hot room. Shades on the windows and a dimmer switch will allow you to adjust the lighting to your mood or the time of day.

3. Keep Your Balance

The surface on which you do yoga is key to your practice. If possible, choose a flooring material that supports you as you flow through positions. Bamboo is a popular choice, as it is very durable and is also an eco-friendly renewable resource that allows you to get in touch with nature as you practice yoga. If you are practicing in a carpeted room, consider placing a board on the floor under your mat to make the surface sturdier.

4. Look Internally

You may be tempted to hang a mirror to check your positions as you practice, but consider carefully before you make this choice. A mirror can cause you to focus more on how you look than on how you feel, causing you to miss out on many of the mental benefits of yoga.

5. Keep Current

Make sure that you are in touch with proper form as you practice yoga at home so as not to injure yourself. Continue to take classes at a studio to supplement your home practice, or set up a television so that you can use video instruction in your home studio.

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson has been practicing yoga for four years, and can’t wait to incorporate an in home yoga studio into her first home. Samantha contributes to many lifestyle and home improvement blogs, and works as a contributing blogger for Carolina Flooring Services
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