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5 Things Beginners Should Know Before Entering The Yoga Studio

by Candace MooreDecember 30, 2013



5 Things Beginners Should Know Before Entering The Yoga StudioThe benefits of yoga have been covered extensively, and the New Year is the perfect time to start practicing. But taking the first step into the yoga studio can be intimidating for a beginner. Fear not, because these five tips should help settle the nerves and answer the burning questions

1. Wear whatever you want

Shorts? Harem pants? Whatever floats your boat, my friend! Just make sure you’re comfortable. TIP: You know the dance we all do when we put on jeans fresh out of the dryer? Do that real quick before leaving the house to make sure you feel comfortable.

2. Never-mind the weird names

Prasarita padottonasana? Urdo mukha svanasana? What?! Don’t panic, the yoga instructor is just saying the names of poses in Sanskrit, an ancient language. There isn’t a quiz at the end of the class, so no worries.

3. There’s no such thing as the perfect pose

The beautiful thing about yoga is that there’s no such thing as the perfect pose, so try not to compare your pose with your neighbor’s.

4. Take a break

This isn’t a fitness class. Feel free to take a break in child’s pose at any time during the class.

5. Let the emotions bubble up

Yoga can bring out various emotions. You might feel like you’re going to burst out laughing or burst into tears, or you might feel nothing at all. Just roll with it. It’s all part of the journey

Candace Moore
Candace Moore
Candace Cabrera Moore is a global yoga instructor and healthy living blogger at YogabyCandace.com. She creates custom yoga DVDs and recently released her first 60 minute power yoga DVD. She likes experimenting in the kitchen, singing in the car, and a good cup of chai tea.
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